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Evermyst Art Studio

Altar Cloth - Beltane Green Floral Square Altar Cloth - Cottage Pagan Witch Altar Cloth - Tarot Reading Mat

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Floral Altar Cloth, featuring beautiful red flowers against a striking green background.

Place this beautifully designed square cloth on a table, hearth, shelf, or other display point for your treasures. Serves equally well as a tarot cloth, large enough for all your oracle readings. The extra large cloth is perfect for a large table, for the floor for a seated meditation or ritual, or for a wall hanging.

Cloth Details:

Choose from two different types of fabric

22” x 22"  heavy cotton twill cloth is a thicker and more robust cotton fabric with hemmed edges that will wear well over time and is resistant to wear and stains. It is totally opaque and solid with a thick feel that will lay nice and flat. The twill fabric has a base color of antique white, so colors will be a bit darker and softer.

24” x 24" light poly crepe cloth is a lightweight soft fabric that is flowy and drapey with hemmed edges. It is opaque but also slightly translucent letting some light through. High-quality made and will also last decades with proper care. The crepe fabric has a base color of pure white, so the colors will be a bit brighter and more vivid.

Colors may vary a little in person due to different monitor and device screen color settings.

Hand Washing is best, but can also Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, mild detergent, and line dry.

Do not bleach.

Avoid ironing. A light hand steamer can be used if necessary.

Purchasing artwork prints does not entitle the buyer to any reproduction or usage rights other than personal display. Please see the copyright notice below.

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